Thursday, 25 February 2021

And did these Paws....

....walk upon Englands green and pleasant land? 

Coming soon: more magpie claw charms, and prayer-flags,

powerful tools for scrying, and butterfly-mind dreaming true

magpie is Murgatroyd in these parts, and he has written:

to which we might add: portals; afix yr image to mirror / door / window

as well as the pentagram, the dagaz rune is fortuitous as it is the crossing, the flash, 

the reversal of polarities (its tarot is justice: maat, feather, vulture)

and lest we forget musicke, icy architecture that it is:

three tracks, infused with what Peter Warlock might call

the 'English Aire', labouring under an unwieldly title appropriated via, 

and in hommage to Camille Paglia:

'Junk bonds and corporate raiders, (music in the hour of the wolf)'

by Skullflower is now at

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