Sunday, 8 December 2019


We stress test sound til it buckles, we burn off impurities and reduce it it to its essence, salt, fire, mercury, gold, ojas, its quintessence, its fivefold self. We are alchemists, seeking the stone and elixir, using music, but not musicians.

Purity is always relative, always suggests the opposing polarity. These days it seems no-one can be pure enough for the Purity Test, there is always some associative guilt from breathing this planets sickened air; Auschwitz dust, nano particles of killing fields infest lungs.

I was once in a band named Pure. Of our adoption of that name, a large loving portion of blame, can be ascribed to the brilliant cinematic feverdream, the Devils, and especially Vanessa Redgrave's beautiful flaming creature Mother Superior, whose hysterically repressed sexuality breeds monsters in flesh and mind. She is not evil, just spirit out of place, yearning for Oliver Reeds angelbeast. It is the Witch Hunters, like the hacks from the quietus, who embody soulless, cynical evil, using the witch trials to rob the populace of their freedom and independence.

And so from matters muddy and distasteful, back to the alchemy and its fruits, a new cd at last; entitled:
Purity  on the new Turgid Vermin label, a massive dose of the essence of traditional black psychedelia, its roots in the moors and valleys of Gondal.

same energies / elective affinities

Upcoming: fantasy 1

Coming Soon: New CDR of distorted beauty and violence on fantasy 1 records, Texas.
very limited edition, some will be available from us soon...

and digitally: '$4nuthin' by Melange: 15 minutes of exquisite bar band filigree space rock 
and Skullflowers scabrous 'Rise!' are on

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Autumn in Gondal

was the date of the first sf nightshift recording session under the arches in brixton
thirty two years of joyful noise. amen to that

 new track 'Rise!' on

 The moon pool with a cloud of willow, a powerful place, not visited in a while, I was just mentally asking 'what have you to show...' when the Sparrow Hawk cleaved the air above, diving towards a oak from which broke several smaller birds and I swear the Hawk somehow gained extra traction from the air, thickening it to cleave harder and snatched the prey-bird from the sky. 
O beauty and wonder of the hunt!

Monday, 11 November 2019

just say.....

is the title of our new opus
two long form explosions of affirming power
over at that wonderland, colloquially known as

shortly i'll be making a post of details of upcoming projects and releases
but wanted to herald this now....

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Thread X's

stars strewn sewn in my hedgerows
sirius dream catcher
thread cross, ghost trap
cosmic seeds of dissent, sewn across the sky
in patterns reflected on the moors fields wood water
drawn down through the re-ifyng  lens of the blood-tinged wolfsmoon
that hangs, a gibbous trinket, over the valley.
Thence transmitted to the hungry finger-twigs and rippling electric foliage
and glyphed in mothwing and flittermouse the seeds drift into the garden 
to catch and hang in the rough warp and woof of the dream filter
the battery charged with star ojas, the electric current, ether-juice of the Opposer

(this is for the eternally consecrated in flame, spirit that walked on earth as Giordano Bruno
who saw the pattern, the links, by which One might ascend to the stars)

of Thibetan origin, these crosses predate buddhism, once (and still) being part of the Black Hats
arsenal of charm and curse, as well as ceremonial use in the temples and lhamsins (ceremonial versions often spanning many feet) 

below: a yorkshire-tibetan cob pony is bedecked with prayerflags, 
to ensure an Auspicious Autumn filled with mists and mellow fruitfulnesses

coming soon, as the Equinox is passed, we will be bringing to the alley just behind the marketplace (skullflower bandcamp), 
17 packages comprising of a new three track equinox cdr, thread cross and screenprint
some of which appear below...