Friday, 28 March 2014

Silkie's Creatures....

A continuing bestiary

Tarot II: more howling arcana....

Thank You....

Little Lord Nemoships wellness continues..... and although he didn't enjoy being on a drip, and filled with charcoal, here are some pictures of his stark monochromatic awesomeness, as we thank everyone who bought stuff here, Thanks!

Here he is cat whispering young feral princess Sootika.....(don't tell Boo)

and finally, safe, sound and owned. Boo thanks you too...

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Selling stuff for Nemo's vet bill

 We have limited amounts of the following. Please order by email to (I will start looking at this) Will individually calculate postage per order.

Skullflower White Wolf 1-sided 12"  £5
Skullflower Great Hunter split w White Medal 7" £3
Skullflower split w Mastery £5
Sunroof! Rock Power £5
Voltigeurs Carrion £4
Voltiguers split w Horseback 10" £4
Voltiguers split w Dark Bargain 7" £3

Skullflower Strange Keys double cd £5
Skullflower split w Utarm £4
Valley of Fear £4
Total Hard and Low £4
Voltiguers Possession £4

Voltiguers Nazi Ponies 3" £4

Set: Skullflower reissues Kino 1-4 + 1 sided 12" plus flyers £40