Sunday, 23 July 2017

draconian fairylands...

this is the land of the fairy and the dragon. the fairy is the dakini, tibetan female protector of the way, she drinks blood from the skullcup and is the power that is channeled through the three bladed magickal dagger called Phurpa. They are daughters of Kali, of Lilith, and they haunt the moors and lonely places.

Incredibly proud too, to be announcing the publication of a slender splendid poisoned chalice/chapbook by Sd/Mb bearing the imprint of Philip Best's publishing house 'Amphetamine Sulphate'. Entitled 'Talisman Angelical', and brilliantly edited/assembled by Philip, it will be available come September

I have a particular fondness for what I might term 'fairy dragons', small misshapen beasts with ragged auras of the fantastic. As a child this manifested itself in a love of spiders, dragonflies, moths and in particular, the insect known as the 'devils coach horse'.
Larger examples I have found in our ex-feral cats and yorkshire cob horses. Now if only we could have orcas in our reservoirs.... (only joking, I hate the moorland reservoirs, and intend to blow up the dam walls and flood the Aire valley)