Monday, 10 February 2020

without a hinge you can't open the door....

You need an angle, a gambit, a routine. 
To busk, to play i need a string, a certain tension, a starting point, 
more than ever: Led Zeppelin: the song remains the same. 
whichever song i play, i can only ever play my song

 Led Zeppelin, the dark brown, rich tobacco, rotting carpet sounds of phase...

new e.p. of winter meditations of a smith, a Forger, a veritable weaver of bright and dark dreams of the Voor is at

new chicken foot charm in the merch section too..

Monday, 3 February 2020

lucky hoodoo birds claw charms

the skullflower arts and crafts division has been beavering away,
creating a series of luxurious charms, that as well as 
bringing and focussing the powers of hoodoo into yr life and home, 
are also valuable meditation tools.
Our team of avian specialists have sourced the claws:

prudence: chicken 

 Nemo: Magpie

 the New Orleans original

 these will be for sale, occasionally at