Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Black Sun Roof / Brujo

Black Sun Roof: Path of least resistance/Trash Strata: it’s as if we force our Daemons into view by not preparing properly, by doing the lazy half assed unthought wrong sounding/wrong pedals music, AND IT SOUNDS FUCKING AMAZING. So either we’re savant/geniuses, OR we’ve enlisted the help of the Most Helpful Helpers, and as we swoon and fall back at the very edge of the abyss, we are caught and borne up into Richard Wagners Palace and Britney’s Zone.

Nor should we think too highly of this dexterity of our wisdom when at times the wonderful harmony created by the playing of our instrument suprises us all too much  - a harmony that sounds too good for us to dare to give credit to ourselves. Indeed, now and then someone plays with us – good old chance; occasionally chance guides our hand, and the wisest providence could not invent music more beautiful than what our foolish hand then produces.  Nietzsche. The Gay Science.

Past lives: for no obvious numerical reasons, I have always felt some ‘significance’ of my birth year, 1962, a year who’s sole incident of import for me seems to be that it was the year that marked the passing beyond of Georges Battaille, who wrote: If I possessed within me the musical resources to communicate my feelings, what would eventuate would be an explosion. An explosion that, at one and the same time, would be both a languorous demented wave of sound, and the expression of wild joy – a joy so untamed, however, that listening to it there would be no way of knowing if it came from my laughing or dying. And this is to some extent, the Great Work that I continue.

I think we need to aspire to The Wisdom of Brujo more completely, give our lives to it. And though this ‘wisdom’ appears, to the thinking mind, like  insanity, or ‘no mind’, you have to take the plunge, cut the reins, perform the most ridiculous, worthless act, to enter the realm of the white, feral, Goddess.


Bathe in the centre of sound, as in the continuos sound of a waterfall. Or by putting fingers in ears, hear the sound of sounds.

Skullflower will be performing live in Stockholm on 12-01-2013