Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Maps of the City

Binah: third Sephira, feminine wisdom, and
'The City of pyramids beneath the Night of Pan'
The pyramids when seen from above
are squares, a grid, a lattice of four dimensional cubes.
Binah is also the title of this new CDR,
ascribed to the House of Chrome Sunroof
and available via the merch section at skullflower.bandcamp.com

Friday, 26 June 2020

New flags for old...

Actually, the old ones are staying up, to rot into purest holiness, in situ. As everyone knows, at Mt. Meru and other holy sites of power, the prayer flags are periodically replaced with fresh, and the devotees fight over the ragged old ones, as they are thought to have stored up power, both from the location, and the prayer wishes of the faithful. So I had thought to sell on the holy relics, but the purest flame amongst us, has declared that to be sacrilege, so rot in power and holiness in situ. Such prayer flags are called 'wind horse' as they 'ride' the wind, and one design features the wish fulfilling horse that bears a huge and auspicious jewel on his back. That they should bedeck the field shelters of our herd is righteous and beautiful of course. That one Tibetan circus-pony actually likes to be draped with such finery is a joy, amen.