Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Warrior standing on the verge of getting it on...

I will connect you to this force - it is more than anyone can grasp, this power which hides in the seconds of time, as the spring comes forth. M. Bertiaux: 'Cagliostro' (this force is allied to aries, and the shared births of  Matthew Bower and Psyches Playboy on 19-04)

thus I was taken, for my hubris in not obeying warning signs, for the wildest ride in my existence.

Thrilling that our Thibet is also Bertiaux's, for they both draw on the book 'Oracles and Demons of Tibet' by Rene de Nebewsky-Wojkowitz as prima materia, a book I was initially disappointed and puzzled by as it appeared to be merely descriptions of pictures, which left me simply wanting to see the pictures, but it is a strange book that works in mysterious ways, where seeds are planted, like the bad luck charms of the Bon, in mysterious soil.

Can I get to it? (from here) the steps: I had to bend (sinisterly) and change my allotted task, placing the odd stepping stone into the stream. e.g. 'pale fire': we always tell our tale, sing our songs (even though we are a covers band...)