Friday, 25 November 2011

Artwerke for sale

Artwerke for sale

I always have pictures to sell, I make more than I need, so please enquire at if interested. You can view examples of the artwork by clicking on the following link:

Meanwhile, here's a list of upcoming blog subjects for Skullflower Truth. Looking forward to writing them!

  1. Fucked On A Pile of Corpses - a track by track breakdown of titling and intent
  2. The importance of Familiars: helpers, go-betweens, elementals, demon lovers etc
  3. Land of the Dragon: West Yorkshires Geomancical Importance, Viking Blood, Emily Bronte, David Murgatroyd.
  4. Nostalgia for Nuclear Threat: the 1980’s and a seismic psychic disturbance which caused many to dream of Apocalypse and ready themselves through Art and Magick
  5. ‘Allo ‘Allo R.I.P.: Why I miss Music Hall Nazis.
  6. Georges Battaille: "J’accuse": Why the literature and evil chapter on Jean Genet is such a let-down and selling short; and how J.G. achieves the rapport which G.B. misses. 
  7. Funeral Rites: the uneven rebellion of the Feral, and conjuring with memory.
  8. Backs to the Audience: why it might be a good thing; why comment so loud when ‘unconventional’ artists actually do some things ‘differently’??? also to include a piece on ‘Short Sets’
  9. How I made my peace with the Grateful Dead (psychedelia, Airplane, HP Lovecraft)
  10. History’s Wrong Turns: rampant revisionism, the only 20th century political creed that might have saved innumerable natural species from destruction by McDonald’s meat-eating zombies. As endorsed by New Scientist magazine.
Watch this space!

- Matthew Bower