Friday, 25 November 2011

Artwerke for sale

Artwerke for sale

I always have pictures to sell, I make more than I need, so please enquire at if interested. You can view examples of the artwork by clicking on the following link:

Meanwhile, here's a list of upcoming blog subjects for Skullflower Truth. Looking forward to writing them!

  1. Fucked On A Pile of Corpses - a track by track breakdown of titling and intent
  2. The importance of Familiars: helpers, go-betweens, elementals, demon lovers etc
  3. Land of the Dragon: West Yorkshires Geomancical Importance, Viking Blood, Emily Bronte, David Murgatroyd.
  4. Nostalgia for Nuclear Threat: the 1980’s and a seismic psychic disturbance which caused many to dream of Apocalypse and ready themselves through Art and Magick
  5. ‘Allo ‘Allo R.I.P.: Why I miss Music Hall Nazis.
  6. Georges Battaille: "J’accuse": Why the literature and evil chapter on Jean Genet is such a let-down and selling short; and how J.G. achieves the rapport which G.B. misses. 
  7. Funeral Rites: the uneven rebellion of the Feral, and conjuring with memory.
  8. Backs to the Audience: why it might be a good thing; why comment so loud when ‘unconventional’ artists actually do some things ‘differently’??? also to include a piece on ‘Short Sets’
  9. How I made my peace with the Grateful Dead (psychedelia, Airplane, HP Lovecraft)
  10. History’s Wrong Turns: rampant revisionism, the only 20th century political creed that might have saved innumerable natural species from destruction by McDonald’s meat-eating zombies. As endorsed by New Scientist magazine.
Watch this space!

- Matthew Bower

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  1. Request for 'Nostalgia for Nuclear Threat' first. The dream I had in 1980 age 12 of staring over the Ribble estuary as the mushroom cloud billowed over Southport is still one of the two most vivid and formative.

    As for Music Hall Nazis, we had a go at reviving this at a Leeds S&Q show a few weeks ago...