Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Werecat powers...

 ...of the xroads at midnight

is our new lp on Nashazphone, and some copies are available at:

also as ever we are thrilled to be visiting the usa this fall
Into the Aether II, Portland, Maine

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

when the stars 2

what is this rough beast?

first the year dawns in bloody wolfsmoon climbing to hang over valley
a rite performed in old Europa, the spoils returned

Valley of Fear
Rembrandt's Magician
the horse rune: ehwaz

the resolve becomes real, a token given, a horse received. a piebald runtish colt, half skittish, half full of crazy ancient wisdom, the mad eye of fugly, playboys mentor in his old life of rutting and stable, quieting him while the moor wind screams in the pylons. chesters veiled and distant eye, roaming the winds.
18, the vase, and as I trudge over field, sometimes the storm behind me, cloaking first the moors, flowing into the valleys, I see the familiar transformed, light and mist playing tricks inventing new peaks valleys trees, gondalian landscapes, fragile lost and eternal.
the moon over the valley, the thinnest sickle and the Great Bear poised like cleaver on one side of the sky, and Orion in the other, the eye slipping as if on a sagging skein til it alights on the too bright liquid sapphire sparkle of Sirius
and in the time it took that moon to be half of the blue rose monster wolf moon
he is mine, us, ours.... Domino.
chaos breakfast

checking him out time, the herds lead mare, Mia, gives him a good huff
and the stallion, Psyches Payboy
a little yard sale haggling over patio furniture

bonding over hay, brothers of the meadow sweet

the halfmoon caught in birch-fingers
West Yorkshire field apparition

amethyst: receiving