Thursday, 25 February 2021

And did these Paws....

....walk upon Englands green and pleasant land? 

Coming soon: more magpie claw charms, and prayer-flags,

powerful tools for scrying, and butterfly-mind dreaming true

magpie is Murgatroyd in these parts, and he has written:

to which we might add: portals; afix yr image to mirror / door / window

as well as the pentagram, the dagaz rune is fortuitous as it is the crossing, the flash, 

the reversal of polarities (its tarot is justice: maat, feather, vulture)

and lest we forget musicke, icy architecture that it is:

three tracks, infused with what Peter Warlock might call

the 'English Aire', labouring under an unwieldly title appropriated via, 

and in hommage to Camille Paglia:

'Junk bonds and corporate raiders, (music in the hour of the wolf)'

by Skullflower is now at

Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Reality Mastr'd / the Moon is a Harsh Mistress / Lucky Hoodoo Skulls

in our System the tarot Death card is wedded to the Chance (peortho) rune (who's shape is the active, rollin' dice cup) to which symbology we've added the permanent green lightness of double sixes that can only ever be sixes, and go on forever, and flowers (chance, lightning: to fall like cherry blossoms...)