Friday, 13 May 2016

Feral Moonstomp/Dragon Lands

New Track up on bandcamp. A hymn to Boo and solo practitioners of bike and board. Also sunset dreams advert musick for etnies, nike etc to option, when they're feeling avant garde enough...

 Ferret joy....

Emily and votive

cogitating the horseman's word

Psyche's Playboy in the wood

Chester and Dolphin. feeling safe

Worth valley undine lair

Emily's falls



Thursday, 12 May 2016

And Carthage must be destroyed

Over and over, stone by stone...
Now and forever. Cut yourself and worship Satan, endlessly until there is no room for scars. scars upon scar tissue. until its meaningless. until its new meaning is discovered. New constelllations, beyond Algol. onward. courage!, gizmo! hope!

Chester, now....

Black Buttterflies of Oktober


  and Sam's picture of Berlioz, tiny diabetic devourer of worlds


Our new 12" vinyl. Not a tribute to an actor, but a salute to a force of nature, a facet of zeitgeist, a peep behind the veil. PSH was a Dancer. The Voltigeurs a tribute to a vengeful flood in 1171, and black sun roof, a tribute to getting wasted. copies are availble from us for £9 plus post (write to with yr location and we will give total and payment details)

and also available, a very few, first lathe by I.W.R, Skullflower/Psychick Witch 7" which is £5 plus post (as above....)

and at last, live in Tejas!

will also feature new as yet untitled Richard Ramirez/Voltigeurs collab!