Thursday, 12 May 2016

Black Buttterflies of Oktober


  and Sam's picture of Berlioz, tiny diabetic devourer of worlds


Our new 12" vinyl. Not a tribute to an actor, but a salute to a force of nature, a facet of zeitgeist, a peep behind the veil. PSH was a Dancer. The Voltigeurs a tribute to a vengeful flood in 1171, and black sun roof, a tribute to getting wasted. copies are availble from us for £9 plus post (write to with yr location and we will give total and payment details)

and also available, a very few, first lathe by I.W.R, Skullflower/Psychick Witch 7" which is £5 plus post (as above....)

and at last, live in Tejas!

will also feature new as yet untitled Richard Ramirez/Voltigeurs collab!


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  2. dude, sea of shit fucking rule! go see that shit. pun only intended after written.