Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Sidelong glances, apanga, of the devi; the fee/fey, those from outside, who dwell under the hill, the shining ones, tuatha de dannon

Lord of all I survey

A.O.S. Time-stretched Cats, Sidereal

odilon redon, a prostitute / suvasini
o.r.: perversity

 and beastings by Samantha, Silkie

Saturday, 5 November 2016

All Souls

recursive disaster: 
20 minutes of heavy weaving happy chrome nightmares, baby, is just Out on bandcamp.

Heavy friends:
we have some physical booty for sale, the sf/db cassette "angel of darkness", beautiful package, sick sounds
£5.60 plus post/packing (£2 uk, £3 eur, £4 everywhere else) paypal to sdlunier@hotmail.com

Friday, 21 October 2016

Maker of Moons, autumns trinkets

Was R.W. Chambers, he walked in Carcosa, and beheld the ragged splendour of the tattered cloak of the King in Yellow.

Autumnal trinketure: dreaming willow herb, horse chestnut sickening acidically, sycamore rotting crimson, partakes of that masked kings grandeur. in 'Maker of Moons' american woods are beautifully infected by the alien virus of 'ku', chinese black magic. coincidence had brought the following fragments into my sphere, so I felt it right to group them thus:
and to conjure a swathe of autumn moons (and the swirl of a thunderbolt/sunwheel):

Autumn makes us rememberful of Uncles, tygers of instruction and fascinating lore. Here are two, the Laird of Boleskine, Aleister Crowley, and the Arch-Duke of Allerton, Leroy Murgatroyd; both reflecting it seems, on pleasant misdeeds, and the pleasures received thus. Long may their examples fill us with fervour:
Aleister again. the enterer is also the going forther. the gate is nearer than we often think.

Voudou / Silken Creatures
and, in our kingdom of bandcamp, autumns ravages are lushly celebrated in 
'Sunset Ornaments in Black Glass'

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Angel of Darkness

is the title of the new collaborative slab of cassette (and download) by Skullflower and the impossibly renaissance suave otherworldliness of der Blutharsch.
rush to https://derblutharsch.bandcamp.com/album/angel-of-darkness to pre order.

the Magician is a new 22 min slab of canned heat/pro-one/viol/gtr. ridiculously immersive. the card is from our rune/tarot set (rune is Eoh-Horse) so to commemorate I have mounted and stayed on Psyches Playrocket for a few yards. It felt familiar and otherworldly, the start of a never-ending journey.

Finally: more collaborative goodness oozing forth. HOUSTON the first fruit born of unholy electric union w/ Richard Ramirez and Sean Matzus of Black Leather Jesus. A huge chunk of electric PANIC that just keeps circling and RISING. Expect more sprawling filth in various full length formats in '17.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Land of the Dragon/Queen Mittens/neon damselflies

New track on bandcamp 'neon sapphire damselflies' celebrating a spring clean for the may-queen at the highest altar, nemo's magenpie (one for sorrow), exiting a hated union (we are for Europa, anti E.U.) a great powerful electronics night in Leeds (wonderful varied sound attacks from Bizarre Uproar, Roases and Lee (and ussss!) and at last the imminence of our new SF double CD on Cold Spring:  "the Spirals of Great Harm"  (and at last: a chaise lounge for cats; hail Queen Mittens (and whatever reposes/respires in Her Dark Mirror))