Thursday, 9 October 2014


equinoxial fulcrum.all change

starting a new nitemare job and lasting 2.5 weeks in it, kittens nursed and kittens dying, Rosalies beloved Sabbath lost and found dead, at peace in a shed, not locked in: Eleven glorious years for a puzzled mild farm kitten who wanted to come inside.

And Brienne who slipped away in my arms, having known so little of lyfe.....sleep little sister. I pass them on to the loving paws of LeRoi....

hanging on in: ghost, ice and our tiny whalien, thanks to eternal mother cat of the wraiths and strays of west yorkshire: Poppy

everyone knows. even playing a show, which becomes drama of guitarnecks snapped by airport baggage. new dutch clampdown on weedselling coffee shops. we nearly don't play, but turn it around at showtime. lovely plain old chuchhaus upstairs hall. staind glass of the 'adolescent jesus'. becomes our red hall hell. the gabalnumun cedar amber pan high altar. three fender twin silvers and the white wolf. after we partied with exquisite virus, we tested and found true, and laughed.
is actually right, the elements in the alchemy are 'wrong' but somehow right, and the overall, feel (adult!) of the Alchemy is Right!

and finally, draconis arriving: sounding and looking better even than hoped. Thank you Justin and Abby.

It can be purchased from us at fifteen pounds, and rest assured, no copy will escape us without the addition of some small extra benediction....
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