Tuesday, 26 December 2017

spider spit and broken bones / Anathema

come mid jan and we'll be in the lowlands, conjuring, on a dream bill with frater jkflesh
but as I cast my eye down the bill I spy....

'a new soundtrack for Lucifer rising...'
yeah, right. and new pictures for a marriage of heaven and hell, and a disco beat for Tristan and Isolde...
I don't choose this fight. We are essentially loveable, easygoing critters... but occasionally you can propose a crime so vile and pointless, that we must, like Blake, arise from our ease and call down eternal shame hate and damnation on a musical group/entity too worthless to name, who think in their boundless entitled stupidity that it would be 'o.k.' to 'compose' a new score for that mighty filmic grimoire that is LUCIFER RISING, a don't mess with, one of a kind masterpiece that already possesses not one, but two perfect soundtracks. But really, only, ONE, by Bobby Beausoleil, a deeply spiritual artist, who is incarcerated, way beyond when he should be released. hell i'm actually typing this, everyone knows this (btw please take the time to google and grok B.B.'s fantastic art, and music (even a bandcamp presence) and support, and petition for the release he DESERVES).

Lucifer is one of those rare, possessed celluloid artworks, (others offhand: Performance, Eureka, Possession) which contain/project real magick, and whereas those others are talkies, in Lucifer it is the marriage, the way it moves (the centripetal widdershins dance, the spiral)
and it takes a special kind of offensive idiocy to actually want to mess with it.

I would like to propose an everlasting anathema upon the perpetrators of this pathetic blasphemy (why would they do it? art? godsfuck|! art! pathetic, wheedling, 'interesting' art, I am so sick of 'modern' art with it's 'questions' and arts councils and grants and committees........... and even its luminaries: banksy, 'sonic' 'youth' et al)

I know i'm insane like Jack Smith. I want to pick fights and bite the hand that feeds. But Jack was RIGHT about uncle fishhook, and he was a GIFT, and when one comes along, you wade right in, anything else is bad manners.

Now the cat and horse pictures. love under will, MB

towers open fire

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