Friday, 6 October 2017

A Memorable Fancy...

it is the end times. aliens have been discovered, aliens have discovered us, we have seen footage of their planet, their lifestyles, and they are really violent. they will come and eat us (and rape and generally torture and violate in non specific ways). already huge emergency euthanasia centres have been set up to gently put to sleep those made nervous by their imminent sadistic destruction. kind of like Jonestown, shaking trembling lines of numb humanity shuffles forward to receive the plastic beakers of kool aid plus.

this is necessary because Aliens are among us already, they are descending via our stairways, you can identify them by the VirtualReality headsets they must wear at all times, their Achilles heel as it were is they must stay in touch with their home planet via its facebook page at all times, or they futz into non being.

already this is being exploited, the fightback has begun, at elite academies the cats of earth are being trained to sever power lines, cut connections, rip off headsets with dazzling pirouettes and richochet leaps. trajectories are projected, parabolas arced and mapped, claws sharpened.

rules for life
1. play the red guitar
2. wear black clothes
3. watch out for falling stage props.
you'll be alright......

omg: gingers paws when he's in R.E.M.


  1. Any plans, before the end times are upon us, to make the Total records on Majora available digitally (or are there impediments to doing so)? 'Here, Time is Space' is a particular favourite.

  2. not I, I lack masters or even copies. i think theire may be digital copies of the recs on blogs......

  3. Thanks for the reply - those are great records, hopefully the masters will re-emerge someday. And not to diminish the power of recent works, either - I put on 'Spirals of Great Harm,' read the fourth 'Memorable Fancy,' and fell into the Abyss. Spectacular.