Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Thank you/old guitar...

Firstly, the thanks is for all who attended our Valentines Night, and especially to Sir Andrew King, who helped us to new heights, by bringing the old songs to life, and letting us bleed into them, and them into us...  kind words and pictures at http://cole.vsco.co/journal/conjuring-a-blood-niagara

secondly, the wolf is at the door, a little more sharply etched than ever, thanks to the impending cessation of my state 'benefits', the result of which will be more attempts to sell the produce of our hands and hearts, and sundry other items, the first of which is: my old guitar:

epiphone 'gibson' les paul junior circa 1999, bought new for £195, featured on almost all the total/sunroof 1999-2004, particualy notable on rock power, cloudz (the prince sample track), and 'trampled dawns' on silver bear mist.

the very bright morning sun has brought out how mucky with rosin from the bowing it is, but hopefully that adds to the charm..... £37, cash on collection from the BD22 area, email: skullflowertruth@gmail.com to arrange...

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