Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Divers Distractions

Fragments from a Drama:

Ginger: I guess that means we’re mates.
Leroy: I guess so.
G: Can I call you Dad?
L: (Beat) No.
Ginger: o.k. (walks off. Perfectly feigned nonchalance)

Scene: outside the back door. Ginger has caught a young adult rabbit, it is still unharmed. He is holding it and nuzzling its neck. The terrified rabbit is frozen. It must be that playing dead is more effective generally than bolting or fighting, but in this instance those would be its only hope. Slowly, affectionately the neck nuzzle turns to little jaw grips and finally to a powerful bite.Avidly Ginger sucks the warm lifeblood. Close up of the Rabbits all knowing, uncomprehending Eye.
Later: the dead rabbit, decapitated, its head gnawed off.
Cf: Clarice's ‘revealing’ speech in silence of the Lambs.

Three months later:
Leroy enters and begins tenderly washing Gingers head with his soft pink tongue, delicately he soothes his furrows.
Ginger: Thanks mate.
Leroy; (Pause) I’ve been thinking. Mate’s a stupid word, dead common.We’re better than that boy.You can call me ‘Your Highness’.
Ginger: Thanks.(Beat) Dad.

Admonishments, Musings towards an Exigesis:

‘The problem of Evil’
Most people deny their Evil Nature from laziness. It seems ‘better’ to do so: better for them, less ‘harmful’ to others. Most who do embrace their Evil Nature, do nothing of the sort: they are showing off, puffing themselves up (Nietzches surface attractiveness to idiots; cf: battailles ‘Nietzche and the Fascists’ etc.)

‘Left Hand Path’
Most LaVey type BM Satanists have no understanding or gnosis, no Subtlety, they have climbed the first rung of the ladder, and will never go further. Their position is in fact, no different from never having started, or actually, slightly worse.
The ‘correct’ reading of, say, Tantrik texts or Jewish Mysticism is not just a sudden awareness that theAuthor’s ‘warnings’ are not all they seem, it is not as simple as reversing the ‘thou shalt nots’ into ‘do this’.

‘Which Changes?’
Is a ‘contact high’ in fact, the narcotic’s effect spreading beyond the subject and infecting surrounding reality?, Not just effecting people, but surroundings as well. Also I suggest that only the magickally charged narcoticised person can do this, not the gibbering wreck, the trolleyed moron.

David Lynch. (TM. Network of meditators ).some of his images come from outside, and he trusts and uses them without judging: something may be there that he has faithfully channelled but knows not, but it HITS YOU LIKE A TSUNAMI, AS IF THE IMPERSONAL UNIVERSE HAS JUST WINKED AT YOU, OR YOU HAVE GLIMSPED BEHIND THE CURTAIN, THE BACKDROP OF ‘INFINITE SPACE’ 
Fire walk with me, is as real as Lovecrafts nightmares (the psychic disturbance, the shared nightmare) The overlooked, too common sign, winking at you, bad taste: drugs, telepathy: Coil, NiN, Déjà vu.
Mephedrone, Sisters of Mercy: gnosis cannot be forced, right time, the universe reminds with a wink so gross, that we initially ignore it, it cannot be. PKD, WE ARE PALMER ELDRITCH tho we worried we were the duped colonists, and, is there a difference? also, end of scanner darkly,  little blue flowers. He has gone so far undercover, method actored, he cannot go back. Remember the episode of colditz, where brit POW feigned madness to win sympathy of guard (who had mad brother) and ultimately, release, however again, he had crossed over into real madness, never to return.
Cf: Nietzsche brings madness upon himself.

Coil: ‘Give sanity a longer leash’
Loves Secret Domain

John Keats: ‘Open wide the the mind’s cage door, she’ll dart forth, and cloudward soar,
Break the mesh of Fancy’s silken leash; Quickly break her prison string,
And such joys as these she’ll bring,
Let the winged Fancy roam, Pleasure never is at home’
Ode to Fancy
A hymn to the power of imagination over ‘reality’

- Matthew Bower, January 2012


  1. Which Changes?: 2CB (Shulgin) can be a rough ride but does what you describe like nothing else. The winks the universe gives can of course be seductive/enchanting as well as 'gross' but yeah, certainly obvious sometimes.

    This is all exactly what a Skullflower site should be, fuck that 'buy our new album on paypal, we play next at' - "Not the marketplace, the alley behind the marketplace" - Grace Zabriskie in Inland Empire - look forward to more.

  2. 2CB or...DMT. Talk about glimpsing behind the curtain.

  3. I meant to say 2CE, not 2CB...