Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Possessions Dark Reflection

Voltigeurs - Possessions Dark Reflection
Within the realms of a fairly harsh discography, Voltigeurs' Possession is a Harsh One, so it's almost unfair, in a way, to reveal, and release, upon an unsuspecting multiverse, what is known to us, as Possesssion's Dark Reflection.
Issuing from the same time realm of madness /self discovery that Possession charted (west yorks and the reverse of the tree 2010-12), pdr collects the most outre, and 'wrong' pieces, that provided crazed detours, and monstrous outgrowths along the way.
When a set of tracks, an album, leaves the house it also leaves behind 'the others' - the music too 'just another track' or just too 'wonderful in the right mood but unlistenable the next day'.  These 'others' should perhaps have been locked in the attic.

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