Sunday, 17 June 2018

Whirling Thunderbolt / Thank you...

sometimes with my eyes set to navigate terrestrial pathways, I can forget the celestial portion, where we are from, where our star seeds return to. The great bear, Sirius, these are the regions from whence this cosmic star squid wheeled across the abyss... Ilkley moor's ever inspiring Svastika Stone

the Thank you is for Nottamuns noise fiends, and the organisers, and especially Simon, the sound-man at the Rammel/Chameleon who enabled us to tap into and sculpt away at a pure vein of received musical gold that the electrickal universe made available to us that night. and thanks too to all the other acts, and to linder sterling for gathering the stuffs into the house of fame so we could also be transformed by the Propellor group's 'The living need light, the dead need music' film, and microscopically pore over the alien terrains of Ithell Colquhouns paintings, in the afternoon prior to playing. Amen.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Into the Aether
 early bird ticket packages (including exclusive festival shirt + poster) are now on sale - with regular tickets going live at noon on Friday, June 1st.

Stolen Hearts...

a suspended fetiche, a repository, a tool. this the first one, stained and consecrated with old iron nails buried with the expression of my flesh, whilst my blank mind screams the syllable..
the iron pierced fetiche comes from vudu and thence ifa, Africa. Iron is martial, black and red, ogun the warrior god, and the need fire of keeping a hidden bar of iron, heated red hot, to symbolise/be, the cosmic sex drive. this iron is also potent and necessary in Tibet, where the recipe will often include the blood, heart, skull etc of an imbecilic prostitute with murderous tendencies and tender years etc.
Something to protect, and something to gaze on that quiets the mind.

 the original

below: the four new ones

The wood has been gathered from our horses fields, nodes broken off by rubbing, itching, trampling.

They are hearts in so much as they crudely resemble the beautiful catholic imagery of the virgin displaying her throbbing red heart, pierced with seven silver daggers, each one glyphing a delicious mortal sin, a red mass beset with tormenting shards, and yet, in suspension, that torment is serene ornamentation, a stately dance of the fixed stars and spiky hedgerow.

they are non prescriptive. they are charged, earthed, potentiated by the iron being driven into them, by my flesh, whilst my will howls 'Set!!!' (and my 'conciousness' is filled with Red Pyramids), but they serve no prescribed purpose, and are not further adorned with hairs and fluids etc. They are tools and can be used, but for what and how I know and care not.

They will shortly be available for purchase on

Friday, 27 April 2018


 peacock foxes of delusions, please continue to drape yr beguiling scarves, in a kaleidoscope of wrong visions, over my rapt eyes. for my part I will continue to be the fox shaman of my little cosmic village, ministering to our animals and: Dreamers Everywhenwhichwhere....

 the forger as Lamasin

fox shaman: alaska 1904

 our three eyed raven

finally, Business... Live in Nottingham
and new skull rock action: 4 track e.p. 'kk kobra'
on bandcamp, along with new artwerke etc

Sunday, 15 April 2018

palm tree of smoke

is the first chrome sunroof, since black sunroof muddied the solar flares in 2012, and is avail at, as ever, along with new apparel

Monday, 26 March 2018


is the title of 18 minutes plus of aural assault and supplication 
dragged out of electric guitars and magic mirrors
by the 'llustred mind-forger

and in the 'merch' section more copies of werecat powers and artwerke